Brexit's Impact On UK Recruitment

Brexit Vector from Freepik

This is a very interesting quote from CIPD.


The uncertainty caused by the UK’s decision to leave the EU is already being felt on the ground by recruitment and talent professionals. The Resourcing and Talent Planning survey reports around a fifth noticing an increased cautiousness in prospective candidates and around the same proportion seeing evidence of an increased cautiousness in organisations’ recruitment. Three-fifths of organisations also anticipate that as a result of the Brexit vote, they will in the next three years experience increased difficulty in recruiting senior and skilled / technical employees, while two-fifths anticipate increased difficulty in recruiting operational staff.

When it comes to employing migrants, the survey shows that despite the Brexit decision, the proportion of organisations anticipating that they will recruit EU migrants in 2017 is similar to the proportion doing so in 2016, across all sectors.

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